Millie McGhee-Morris, is a multi-entrepreneurial, successful publisher, author, mentor, Inspirational speaker, educator, and philanthropist.


Being a baby boomer, she has a true story of faith to share, having been born and raised in the government projects in a small plantation town called, McComb, Mississippi. Millie was the third of 10 children born to Reverend William and Alberta McGhee. 


At an early age, Millie began to demonstrate her passion for leadership by helping children in her neighborhood through her work in her father’s ministry. By the age of twelve, Millie was teaching a group of local girls how to maintain their passions and heighten their motivation to work toward their dreams.  Her philosophy was to teach her peers they could do anything they set their minds to if they truly believed in themselves. 


Her entrepreneurial spirit was further cultivated serving as spokesperson on her father’s radio ministry program. This was exciting work for Millie who was by now on the radio every Sunday. This work allowed Millie to hone in on her communication skills and positioned her to become a radio host at the age of sixteen thus laying the foundation toward shaping her future path.


By 1965, Millie had high hopes of attending college and becoming an advocate of youth in her community. Those plans were derailed while applying to colleges when she discovered her academic inadequacies after graduating high school with a substandard education and being nearly illiterate.


In 1984, Millie and her dear friend Cynthia Stewart, a teacher and fellow advocate whom she met in California, worked very hard to reeducate Millie.  Subsequently, Millie brought her ideas and dreams to fruition by establishing “The Young Talented Achievers Educational Pageant” (YTAEP).  Founded on the premise of providing a platform for struggling students, inspired by Millie’s childhood academic challenges, YTAEP was designed to provide students with encouragement and resources to aid in their academic performance. Each week, Millie and Cynthia met with the students enrolled in their program and developed individual achievement benchmarks resulting in awards.


In 2002, after mentoring and supporting her young achievers she received a grant of $150,000.00 from the State of California to educate illiterate children in Rancho Cucamonga, California. More recently, Millie has re-launched this program in her new home state of Maryland by adopting a middle school, and is on her way to achieving the same goals and impact. 


Because she didn’t learn how to read until the age of 43, Millie has become a fierce advocate of literacy education for adolescents, adults and seniors. 



In 2008 she created and operates “New Writer’s In Action,” a platform for unpublished writers to become published authors through mentoring and completion of her workshops which offer the basics of the industry and development of plans for their individual literary career path. 


In 2010, Millie also founded the “Mentor/Traveler Program” where she travels to high schools and colleges throughout the country encouraging students to stay in school.


Her Many books are; Secrets Uncovered, J. Edgar Hoover Passing For White, Secrets Uncovered J. Edgar Hoover the Relative, Drifted Back In Time, What’s Done In The Dark, which became a documentary co-directed by Millie, uncovering an explosive family secret that she is related to former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Her research equipped her with the knowledge and resources to advise others about how to explore their heritage and roots. 


Currently, she is working on her sixth book, Down, But Not Done!  This is an anthology of dramatic comeback stories of 101 men who refused to give up. 



Her many awards are; 1985 Mayor’s Certificate of Appreciation from the late great Tom Bradley of Los Angeles, CA;   October 16, 2001Proclamation from the late mayor Glenn D. Cunningham of NJ; 2002 California State Assembly Certificate of Recognition presented to Young Talented Achievers; April 2002 An Appreciation from the city of McComb, Mississippi from Mayor J.C. Woods; 2002 Appreciation Key to the City, from Mr. Jack Jones County Judge in Pine Bluff, Arkansas; 2012/2013 NAPW Woman of the Year Award; February 17, 2007 Certificate of Appreciation Church of the Latter-Day Saints- Black History Program; March 2011 Certificate Of Appreciation Edgewood Middle School “Dynasty Steppers;” and April 13, 2013, The American Flag Award that was flown on a combat mission over Afghanistan; in honor of Mom Millie. Just to name a few.            


Millie is a proud wife, mother, and grandmother currently living in Maryland with her husband of 25 years Dr. Leslie L. Morris and their dog Tinkerbell.