Millie McGhee-Morris firmly believes that service to others grants us good health and joy.  She had a difficult time becoming an author because she was illiterate and nobody wanted to help her unless she had money -- and lots of it.  "I was so passionate about what I wanted, and made a lot of mistakes trying to find my way, but I found my way by not giving up and finishing what I started."


She made a promise to herself and to God, "God, if I get through this task of writing my first book, I promise you and myself, that I will share everything that I have learned; I will be a servant of hope to someone.”  That was her promise and now she is living that dream and loving it.  "If you have a dream and you are passionate about it, go after it with all you have got; make it happen!"  That is what has allowed Millie to successfully recreate her life story.


Unlike many authors, Millie has chosen to share what she has learned about how to become a successful, published author.  "I choose to take the path of building relationships and sharing my knowledge with new writers who are passionate about becoming authors and simply need direction to a sustainable business that will last for years to come.  I want to be a part of mentoring others to this kind of success; and that's what New Writers in Action is all about."


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  • One hour initial one-on-one phone call

  • A coaching call once a month or more if needed

  • A free copy of any of Ms. Millie's work as requested

  • Six months to one year of mentoring and writing sessions with Ms. Millie

  • A guaranteed manuscript and published book at the end of the mentoring program as requested

  • Introduction to publishers who would accept your work because of Ms. Millie's recommendation

  • Once a month Q&A calls for one full year of support, accountability, and follow-up

  • Ongoing support and encouragement

  • Cost per session $40.00 

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering if mentoring would work for you?

When I made the decision to become a mentor, many questions came to my mind. I wondered if mentoring would work. So I decided to do it for one year at no cost to see if I was going to make a difference and would enjoy it. Well, I was so happy to discover that I could make a difference for others. I'm gratified that eight people from my mentoring sessions, over six years, are now published authors. I now know that I'm worth it, and I'm good at it. If you are passionate about what you want in life, I know that the sky is the limit. My mentors during my life were my parents, Mr. Johnnie L. Cochran, Sr., and Mr. Fred and Mary E Bates. They taught me to believe in myself, always be passionate about what I do, and give back.



What happens after completing the course?


After interviewing you to discover your hopes, dreams, and goals for your writing career, I will cover three basic topics:

1. Marketing materials (website/blog/social media profile) and how each published author can promote their book effectively.

2. Introduction to which to me is the best possible target markets for you.

3. Discussion of the best marketing methods and events for you to attend.

All of my writers leave my sessions with many ideas and ways to increase their income. They are given resources to start setting up book signings.  We stay in touch and travel to many events together as I introduce them to my contacts.


What does it cost?

I charge $40.00 per session for my one-on-one phone or online mentoring program, which is a non-refundable fee.  Once you commit,  we are good to go. The fee can be paid by check, money order, or through my PayPal account. You pay as you go.



I only accept ten new writers a year. Why?

I want to give each mentee my full attention. I want to make sure we meet our goals and end with a published book after your manuscript is finished. Every writer is required to finish a chapter and send it to me for review before every session. I also want to keep writing myself because I enjoy writing.


The Story of How I Started Mentoring

When I wrote my first book, Secrets Uncovered; J. Edgar Hoover Passing For White? I had a lot of difficulty and no one to turn to for help. I noticed many authors were very selfish and didn't want to share information. Also, this was a family secret that I was writing about, and I was met with a lot of hatred. I then made a promise to God and myself that I would help new writers and share all that I had learned. I began mentoring new writers in 2008, and I finally finished my work and published the book in 2000. I now have 8 published authors that I mentor. How exciting it is to see my mentees holding their books in their hands as a published author and moving toward a wonderful literary career.


When you hire me as a mentor, you get a passionate author who wants the best for all new writers. I believe if you are as passionate as I am, nothing will stop your success.


What other mentees say about the course:

To my mentor, Millie McGhee, best-selling author, God bless you so much. I love you, Millie, for pushing me and forever believing in me from the day I met you. Tears are still flowing!


-Veronica Davis