We highly value our name, “Young Talented Achievers Academic Achievement Program.”  It is our aim to have a name that represents a standard of excellence, as well as HOPE to all who hear it.  First and foremost, our goal is to be TRUE TO OUR WORD AND AGREEMENTS.  From a reliable word comes a good name.  Next, we are committed to a PURE MOTIVE, focused only on the development of each young person, or adult with whom we are entrusted.

We seek neither fame, glory nor personal financial gain.  We value our good name and the integrity of our word.           

Finally, we will not COMPROMISE our goals as a means of financial support or sponsorship.  We will not violate our integrity or our honesty for the sake of receiving money or assistance.  We would like our supporters to believe in our goals and ideals.

Children are our most valuable natural resources, and our adults in our community are our teachers.  The love, the spirit, the zest for life, respect for others, and the quest for knowledge, is our priority.  We are dedicated to bettering our community through literacy.  What our participants learn from us today will govern their tomorrows, and shape the future for generations to come.

New Writers In Action Publisher, Ms. Millie is now the Exclusive Publisher for “The Win Information Network with Dr. Paula Fellingham.


The WIN mission is to strengthen women and families worldwide through education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship, in an effort to eradicate illiteracy, poverty, and hunger, and to increase the level of love, prosperity, and peace on earth.


The WIN motto: “We Are Women Helping Women Live Our Best Lives”.
The WIN is at the forefront of the present global women’s movement. The WIN provides women worldwide with online and on land education and empowerment in their personal lives and in their businesses. The WIN invites all women of all ages, all cultures, and all religions to participate.


The WIN is presenting Global Women’s Summits to bring women together worldwide. These live events are being held across America and worldwide as part of a Global Women’s Initiative to present 1,000 Global Women’s Summits from 2011 – 2021.


The Mentor Traveler Program is the brain-child of author and lecturer Millie L. McGhee- Morris, who noticed two prevalent problems while travelling and speaking to students – she saw students dropping out of college due to a lack of passion and recognized the need for a mentor to help keep college students on track for graduation.  


The Program is a unique, four-pronged program currently being piloted at Rust College in Holly Springs, Mississippi.